One of the hardest decision is learning to let go and knowing when to let go. There is not going to be a “perfect” moment. We all say it, trust me, I said this myself several times prior to walking away. We say, “I’m going to wait for ______________ and then I will go.” Truth is, there is no perfect moment. You just wait and wait till you get fed up one day. That’s when you walk away and when you do, you will know you have made the right decision.
September 2016, I made the decision to move to a bigger city. I knew it was time to leave. I knew I was no longer happy where I was. I could not see a future living where I was. I was done and it was time to go. I left all of the friends I had, the job that paid me very well, a home where I felt comfortable and the place where I spent seven years of my life. I ventured south with no job, an online business and the hope to succeed in my business. mountmaryalone        As I ventured out, I realized some paths you are meant to walk alone. No one may understand you. No one support you. Many will question you and call you crazy; however, as long as you know you are on the right path and you are going to make it no matter how hard things get. That’s how I felt. I knew I was going to struggle, shed frustration/happy/angry/sad tears and I was right. I did. I shed a lot of tears in 2017 but I would not allow anyone to see my tears. I did not want anyone to think I was weak so I would keep my tears and pain to myself.
Along my journey, I have learned several life lessons. In the next few blogs, I will share my life lessons, share my personal experience, and tell you how I overcame the obstacles I have faced. If you know anyone is dealing with something similar, you can share in hopes my story helps them become a better version of theirselves or walk away from people or situations who are not good for them.

**My pictures, I have taken myself. =)


Mena defined.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and the way I thought my life “was going to be.” No one ever told me, it was going to be difficult, heartbreaking and filled with many surprises. I honestly had to learn the hard way because I need to experience and see it for myself to believe.  Yes, I was that stubborn and hard headed during my teen and early 20’s years. I DID learn the hard way though. I did and the lessons I learned from each situation has helped me become the better version of myself.  I do not regret the chances I took because as metioned, every situation has helped me become a better version of myself and I thank God for helping my conquer every obstacle I faced.
061518      I grew in Green Bay, WI (Home of the Green and Gold). I wasn’t born there but I pretty much grew up there since I was 5 months old. Life was WOW. My family was first generation immigrants coming from Thailand. My parents did not speak any english nor did they read or write in english. My family at that time depended highly on other family members to help us and we honestly did not have much money at all. For as long as I can remember we relied on them for everything. Once I started learning english and “kind of” understanding the language, my parents depended on me to translate everything. It went from reading mail, going to doctor appointments, taking care of the bills, setting up appointments, etc.  I did not like it at all; however, I knew deep down I needed to help my parents because we would not be able to get anywhere relying on others and that’s exactly what I did.
I believe that my parents were some of the hardest working people I know even though they did not speak one word of english. They did what they needed to do to provide for our family of 10. Yes, I come from a big family. My parents gave us what they could, taught us what they knew, and helped us when we needed help. Never once did my parents ask for anything in return and to this very day, they still don’t ask.  My parents were and are survivors. They do what they need to do to survive.


     Sometimes, you wake up, lying in your bed, taking a good look at your life right now. You ask yourself over and over, “Am I happy here? Is this how my future is going to continue to look like? Do I really want this life style? Do I want to keep going to parties, getting white girl wasted?” Then it hits you, you sit up and tell yourself, “This life I have now is not working for me. I want more. I deserve more.”
This was who I was in 2016. I know there may be a few people who may feel or have felt how I felt. They knew they needed to change. Well let me share with you my journey up till this very day, some of the hardest lessons I have learned, the different obstacles I have faced and how these hard lessons has helped me become the better version of myself as a mom, woman, entrepreneur and eventually life partner.
Also, I want to remind you, everyone has a story. No two stories are the same. Some may be able to relate more than others; however, our story is what helps us the situation we are in, what we want and what we don’t want. Therefore, let me share my story in hopes that one day, it may help you or someone you know.

I love for you feedback as well.  Let’s begin.